Australia’s number one in volume lash supplies – Brisbane’s newest game changer

  • Up to 640 lashes for only $19.95
  • X3 more lashes (lash fans)
  • X4 clients per tray
  • Latest lash tech Pro Point ultra-thin fan base.
  • Mega volume for bold results
  • Simple to apply and made to last
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals.

Hey, lash artists. We’re bringing mega volume, dramatic eyelash extensions to Brisbane, featuring a suite of stunning premade fans including short stem, long stem and pro point designs. Carefully selected by passionate artists just like you, our supplies put you on the best track towards success, helping you work faster and still achieve value for money. It’s time to turn heads in all the right ways.

Triple the value with 640 fans for only $19.95

With delivery available across Brisbane and even across the globe, we help salons and beauty businesses just like you up their game, taking their offering to the next level. Experience what it’s like to have a revolutionary, new product on the market by your side, all ready and raring to go.

Changing the game with wholesale eyelash extensions

Our premade fans are designed to be highly innovative and are the first of their kind on the market. Featuring Pro Point and the iconic thin base we’re known for, our designs are easy to apply and provide a natural, yet bold, look. With the latest in lash technology, we place our products in Mega Trays that keep you lashing faster and for more clients per tray, we make lashing a more productive experience for all artists.

Complete with foil backings, so the fans are easy to peel off, these beauties are ideal for artists who want to get more done in their workday. Bring your A-game and become an expert in the trade, creating masterpieces as you work your magic.

The highest quality for the best value for money

Our bulk eyelashes are known across Brisbane for their edgy, unique traits. Featuring stunning fans that don’t cut corners on quality, but yet are available at highly cost-effective price points, we transform beauty businesses into flawlessly successful brands. We even put the cherry on top with exceptional customer support, creating a winning combination you can’t argue with.

We believe lash artists can transform lives

We truly embrace the thought that lash artists can ultimately change lives. Sparking confidence in those across Brisbane, you carry the keys to helping clients unlock their sense of self-love and ability to flaunt their stuff. Dedicated to bringing you all the essentials to help you do this, we’re the sidekick you’ve always wanted. Enjoy our stunning eyelash extensions across our line of Mega Trays, all crafted to allow for maximum productivity. Get up to x3 more fans than alternative products on the market, creating dramatic, head-turning volume that’ll become the pinnacle of Brisbane style.

Work faster and smarter

With our Mega Trays by your side, our bulk volume eyelash extensions make flying through your workday a breeze. Lash faster and service more clients out of one tray, all with easy, convenient use that embraces maximum productivity.

Because we’ve solidified our reputation as volume lash experts, we understand what it means to have quality-focused fans on-hand, so we devote our days to making sure we’re able to deliver this to our clients across Brisbane – and beyond.

Find out more about our gorgeous range of fans by getting in touch with our team now. Or for more inspo, head to our Instagram page to see our work in action.