Premade volume lash supplies that are revolutionising the industry in Canberra

  • Up to X3 more lashes
  • Service X4 clients per tray
  • Easy to peel off, apply and and made to last
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals.
  • Bold, mega volume fans
  • Choose from premade fans, short or long stem or Pro Point.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wholesale lashes with a difference. As a fresh market leader, our eyelash extensions are one-of-a-kind and are designed to take the industry by storm. Carefully selected by professionals just like you, our stunners support you in servicing clients faster and opting for a product that’s more cost-effective and designed to impress.

The Lash V collection is available across all of Canberra and is ideal for beauties across the region looking to ramp up their salon antics. See our iconic range in action now and experience the difference of a highly innovative wholesale lashes solution.

The wholesale eyelash extension experts making you the envy of Canberra

It’s time to demand attention. Put the spotlight on your brand with our show-stopping fans; all crafted carefully to help you stand out from the plain-Jane competition. Equip your services with Mega Trays that give you value for money and a flawless result your clients will love.

We’re here for you

Our stylish bulk eyelashes are in crowd-pleasers. With a commitment to affordability, impeccable support and absolute quality, we offer a different stance on what it means to provide lash services. We understand the needs of artists – because we’ve worked in the industry as well. Trust a team of experts who get you and your business.

Give your clients more confidence

The perfect lash artist can transform the lives of clients all across Canberra. When lashes are on point, so is that feel-good vibe, and we’re all about helping you spark that in your clients. Dominate your game and become the go-to for envious results that are also the talk of the town. See how our innovative range can be the pinnacle of your business’s success now.

Lash up to four clients per tray

Our Mega Trays let you service up to four clients per product, so there’s less fiddling and mucking around and more time getting the job done. We know the importance of offering clients the very best product available on the market, and we believe we’ve achieved just that.

Best of all, we’re the first of our kind for bulk volume eyelash extensions like these, and we’re proud of it. So let us show you why you need us in your corner.

Check out what we’ve been up to by heading to our Instagram page now, or get in touch with us to find out more about our products. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions or point you towards the right product for your needs.