Australia’s volume lash supplies expert bringing perfection to Melbourne

  • Mega volume for stunning drama
  • X3 more lashes than typical trays
  • Simple application
  • For professionals or beginners.
Lash lovers unite. See our fans flaunt their stuff in our exclusive collection of eyelash extensions without nasty price tags. Our products are born from a passion for creating art, and we help our clients work their magic in all the right ways. Delivered across Melbourne for artists looking to take their skills to the next level, we help our clients evolve their offering with the latest technology in the industry. Give your clients stunning, awe-inspiring wholesale volume lashes that’ll turn heads in all the right ways.

Wholesale eyelash extensions that will make your salon the talking point of Melbourne

Premade to perfection, our trays offer highly detailed, bold and stunning fans that you won’t find anywhere else. Featuring a foil backing, our fans are easy to peel off so that you can get up and about creating stunning results for up to four clients per tray. Discover how it feels to be an expert artist with a highly innovative new product on the market that helps you bring your A-game.

Our values are three-fold

Our selection of bulk eyelashes equip Melbourne salons in the field with a little something extra. Offering unbeatable quality, value-driven support and a cost-effective collection, we put the finer details on your service, letting you become the talk of the town. Pave the path to a killer look that’ll put you under the spotlight, all with Lash V.

Volume is our thing

Created by artists, our fans are made to suit your needs from start to finish. Think of our beauties as the sidekick you need under your weapon belt, helping you to become the lash artist of choice in Melbourne. Service up to four clients using our eyelash extension Mega Trays, allowing you to lash faster for maximum productivity. Deliver up to x3 more fans than other alternatives, all the while backing your client with a dramatic, sophisticated result that’s bound to become a hot topic.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A great lash artist can completely transform lives, and we give you the essentials you need to do this. Offer your clients the confidence they’re looking for to hit the town in style and chic, establishing loyalty that’ll have them back on your doorstep in no time. Choosing us as your lash extension supplier in Melbourne lets you create flawless results and make your business a powerhouse for productivity.

Get more done in your workday

Time is money, so we’ve ensured our products help artists in Melbourne service more clients out of one Mega Tray. Feel the difference of our collection of fans that still create unsurpassed results, unbeatable quality and a lush look that’ll turn others green with envy. Simple, easy to use and affordable – that’s our commitment to you.

See how our collection of wholesale eyelash extensions can take your business to new heights. Head to our Instagram page to see our beauties flaunt their stuff now.