The experts in mega volume eyelash extensions – now servicing Perth

  • Up to X3 more lashes
  • Service X4 clients per tray
  • Easy to peel off, apply and and made to last
  • Bold, mega volume fans
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals.
  • Explore premade fans, short stem, long stem or Pro Point.

Looking to take your beauty business to the next level? Enjoy the new, innovative eyelash extensions that are taking Perth by storm. Carefully selected by skilled artists just like you, our collection supports businesses in fast-tracking their journey to success. Lash faster and back your brand value-driven suite of volume lashes, perfect for your Perth clients.

Our selection is available across the region and is ideal for salons or solo artists looking to bring their A-game to the industry. See what it’s like to have a revolutionary product by your side, all the while giving you more value.

The only wholesale eyelash extensions of their kind on the market

Unique in their own right, our premade fans are crafted to stand out from the crowd. We don’t believe in offering the same-same product, so we’ve worked hard to create the perfect fan and lash selection that delivers our clients far more support in their line of work. Our Mega Trays keep you working faster, all the while enabling you to service four clients per tray, instead of the average two.

We’ve also made these trays with foil backings, so the lashes are easy to peel off. We’ve got you covered.

Good things come in threes

Our line of bulk eyelashes is a crowd-pleaser across Perth. Using the three fundamental values we have at the core of our business, we provide products that maintain our commitment to affordability, quality and support. We take your biggest pain points and turn them into worries of the past, helping you minimise your overheads, create a more productive way to work and offer a product to your clients that’s driven by close attention to detail.

Beauty is power

Lash artists have the opportunity to impart confidence in clients, and we give you the tools to do that. Offer your gorgeous clientele the perfect product to help them flaunt their stuff with zero hesitation. The collection at Lash V is the weapon you’ll wish you had earlier. Experience the difference of market-leading eyelash extensions that are in a league of their own.

Imagine servicing more clients in your day

When you choose to have our unique Mega Trays by your side, you’re able to offer clients bulk volume eyelash extensions that are easy to apply and less of a burden on your hip-pocket. Deliver faster services to your gorgeous clients and fit more appointments into your workday. We’re all about giving you the support you need to work your magic, so let us show you how our iconic products embrace this commitment.

Find out more about our collection by getting in touch with our team now. For more lashpiration, check out our Instagram page to see our work in action.