Australia’s leader in volume lash supplies making Sydney salons thrive

  • X3 more fans for same price
  • Up to 640 fans for $19.95
  • Faster lash time - service more clients
  • Easy application with high retention time

We’re in it for the lash lovers. Experience the difference of our innovative, high-end eyelash extensions that feature MEGA volume, x3 the lashes and AMAZING value – all carefully selected by passionate artists in Australia. Delivered across Sydney and beyond for businesses looking to up their game, we help our clients revolutionise their offering with the latest technology in the market. The result? Wholesale volume lashes that create gorgeous, envy-invoking sets that turn heads, each and every time.

Power up your business with our wholesale eyelash extensions

Designed to be a premade, innovative market leader, our trays present stunning, intricate fans that you won’t find anywhere else. With foil backings for easy-to-peel use, our fans have you ready and raring to go for up to four clients. Become an expert in your own line of work with a revolutionary new product that gives you the ability to really work your magic.

A triple-threat

We’re known for our collection of bulk eyelashes that offer salons in Sydney a competitive edge in the field. Through unbeatable quality, consistent support and a price point that puts the cherry on top, we know our sets are more than just good to look at: they’re the answer to a more cost-effective, productive beauty business.

Dramatic, mega volume for bold results

Made by artists for artists, we’re the partner you’ll always want by your side to help your business shine. Lash up to four clients with luscious eyelash extensions with our Mega Trays, all designed to offer the best possible productivity. Achieve up to x3 more fans than other market competitors, achieving a dramatic, yet natural-looking, volume that’ll be the talking point of Sydney.

By artists, for artists

We believe that a great artist can change lives, so we give you all the right tools to do just that. Back your clients with incredible confidence that’ll have them begging for more time and time again. Experience the touch of a great value lash extension supplier in Sydney that’s as passionate about your work as you are. We’re here to help you create bigger and better results by ensuring you’re able to service your clients faster and grow your business at the same time.

Service more clients and revolutionise your business

We know you want to tick all the boxes for your clients, and we’re dedicated to helping you do just that. That’s why we came up with our suite of fans, offering professionals like you a way to service more clients in a day. Easy, convenient, productive – that’s the way we work.

For more information on our stunning range of fans, get in touch with our team now. Need some inspo? Head to our Instagram page to see our fans in action.