5D Promade fans – 0.07mm – C Curl – 480 Premade Volume Fans


If you’re looking for the best premade fans in Australia, lash with the newest generation of Promade fans! Lash V Promade volume fans offer a wider fan (like Lux short stem premade fan) for a stunning even lash coverage, with the thinnest base for easy application.

Each one of our Pro-made volume fans are 100% hand crafted just like you’d create with individual lash fans. Lash V Promade volume lashes have Platinum silk blended into the highest quality PBT material. Creating the softest Promade volume fans you’ll ever work with. Want Afterpay? All our premade fans eyelash extensions offer it, and free Parcel Post shipping over $150+. Even if you’ve considered loose promade volume fans, try our bigger box to help cut down on prep time.

See why expert lash artists are saying our Promade handmade volume lash fan “are what lash dreams are made of!”


  • 480 Promade lash fans placed on our a XXL designer box offering 4X MORE premade lash fans to most competitors.
  • Get the wide fan short stem look with pro fan thin base.
  • Platinum silk blended into highest quality PBT material for a premium silky lash fan finish.
  • Amazing even lash coverage.
  • Average lash set cost $6
  • Cost per fan is $0.07 vs competitor small trays $0.20 (Almost 1/3 the price)
  • 100% hand crafted just like you make it yourself.
  • Ideal for clients with almost no lashes. Quickly creates full volume.
  • 5D fan base same thickness of a single lash. Making it the lightest lash on the market.
  • Create a mega volume set in the same time as a classic set
  • Easy to remove from the strip – no lash breakage or falling apart
  • Foil backing ensuring each line peels off easily and reusable up to 10X
  • Heat bonded technique with minimal glue to ensure the lashes are fused together.
  • Afterpay available on all premade volume lash fans
  • Free Express shipping available $200+ for all premade volume fans Australia
  • The only premade lash fans supplier offering next level quality and value.
  • Larger box makes prep time faster compared to loose fans.
  • All eyelash wholesale products are GST incl
  • 100% Cruelty free
  • Follow us on Instagram to see our beautiful work @lashvbyk.m
  • As each fan is hand crafted, you might find that some fans appear different to other fans. That's a natural occurrence when you make each one by hand. So enjoy subtle differences! They will make your set look more natural!
  • Please expect 5-10 fan bases separating. As the bond may separate due to travel and weather conditions. 

“Makes it so much easier to create stunning even lash coverage”

      Customer Reviews

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      Love these lashes!

      Amazing and easy to apply, clients are always left feeling glamorous

      love these so far

      hey there love these so far, no issues, the end result looks awesome


      Happy with product

      Game changer!

      I've struggled to find the right premade fans that help give my clients a natural yet glamorous look along with better retention, then I came across this. Not only it's a game changer for lash techs out there but also for those that are new to learning volume lashes making the process easier with yet elegant results with all styles including hybrids which looked so fluffy and lovely on my client!


      I’ve tried ALOT of pre made fans as I love to do hybrid sets but I’m yet to learn the skills of russian volume. These are the best I’ve tried. They’re easy to pick up, without damaging the fan, they hold their curl. They’re easy to apply on top of the lash and they have great retention. I love the big box, lots of fans for an awesome price 👌🏼