• High performance: setting time of 1"
  • 5g bottle
  • Thin, liquid-like consistency
  • Setting Time: 1~2" 
  • Retention: ~4 Weeks
  • Technician Profile: Experienced, fast technicians
  • Client Profile: Average tolerance to glue fume & odours
  • Techniques: Classic & Volume

BL Mach Glue

Advanced formula Mach Glue for lash artists with fast hands sets extensions in a stunning 1 seconds. Perfect for those seeking increased revenue from short application time.

The fast-setting nature of this adhesive can prove challenging if you take too long to attach a glued extension to the natural lash. Glue may half-dry before you get the natural lash attached, resulting in shorter retention times.

As a consequence, we strongly suggest that this glue is used only by expert lash technicians.

Caution: As this is a very strong adhesive, please read the cautions page very carefully before using.

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