Mach Glue eyelash glue Adhesive - Fast Dry


 So when you’re picking out your lash supplies, don’t forget about the best eyelash glue on the market! It's perfect for lash artists with fast hands as it sets our premade fans to the lash in a stunning 1 second. Perfect for those seeking increased revenue from short application time. Best yet, all our eyelash extension supplies offer Afterpay, so you can create mega volume now & pay later!

  • 5g bottle
  • Thin, liquid-like consistency
  • Setting Time: 1~2" 
  • Retention: ~4 Weeks
  • Technician Profile: Experienced, fast technicians
  • Client Profile: Average tolerance to glue fume & odours
  • Techniques: Classic & Volume

"Awesome glue! I used it on my clients and cut my time down by nearly half an hour per set 👌 ❤️ "  
Lash Artist Melissa Leigh

Keep in mind the fast-setting nature of this adhesive can prove challenging if you take too long to attach a glued extension to the natural lash. Glue may half-dry before you get the natural lash attached, resulting in shorter retention times. As a consequence, we strongly suggest that this glue is used only by expert lash technicians. Caution: As this is a very strong adhesive, please read the cautions page very carefully before using. Glue must be discarded after being open for 4 weeks. Please refer to glue packet which allows you to write expiry date.