12D Pro Point Short Stem – 0.03mm – C curl - Premade volume lash fan


Looking for the best eyelash extension supplies to help grow your business? Welcome to Lash V Pro Point premade volume fans. Offering the latest premade volume fans lash technology in the world, with each XL mega tray holding 320 fans with an ultra-thin bas! So get ready to fill sets faster & easier so your lash store can service more clients! Best yet, all our eyelash extension supplies offer Afterpay, meaning you can create mega volume now and pay later. 

Try now and experience why expert lash artists are saying Pro Point premade fans “ARE A GAME CHANGER!”


  • 320 premade fans placed on our mega trays offering 2.5X MORE premade fans to most competitors.
  • 12 lashes tightly formed together to create an extreme pointed base.
  • 12 lashes same thickness of a single lash
  • Available in 6D 7D 8D 10D 12D 14D premade fans
  • Create a mega volume set in the same time as a classic set
  • Mimic handmade fans and easy fanning lashes
  • Easily create natural to mega volume in minutes. 
  • Perfect for clients with almost no lashes. Quickly creates full volume.
  • Easy to remove from the strip – no lash breakage or falling apart
  • Foil backing ensuring each line peels off easily and reusable up to 10X
  • 100% Cruelty free hand made in Korea using PBT material
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  • All our trays are GST incl

“High quality lashes! Lash V lashes are my Holy Grail. I will never use any other brand for my lash products” @deluxelashandbeautystudio