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My first application was a fail. Not because it wasn’t easy but because it was my first time and I had a brain fart and didn’t think to remember how I mapped my first eye and just winged it on the second eye. My second application was much better I pre prepped and choose how I was going to map them out prior to starting. Will definitely continue to buy and do my own lashes from now hopefully I improve on my mapping after a few try’s. It’s a big saving and I actually prefer them to when I get eyelash extensions done. They do stay on however I noticed when I sleep( side sleeper) some may come loose and I have had to re apply a couple of lashes in the morning.

Blown away by the results of this lash serum!!- highly recommend

1 month of using this serum and I’m absolutely blown away by the results! My lashes were sparse and damaged from not appropriately removing cluster lashes and now consistently using my serum has made me fall inlove with my natural lashes & for the first time in years I feel confident without lash extensions 🩷

Eyebrow Soap
Yeniffer D. Disla
I loved it. I recommend it

I loved it, he does his job!!! It does not leave white waste at first, much less when it is already dry, excellent product, it became one of my favourites without a doubt✨🩵. I recommend them with closed eyes, ah, and rule out that it has a delicious smell


They are some of the best eyelashes I have ever tried, they are beautiful

4d ease

Great fans that stick like magnets.
Highly recommend 👌 creates beautiful dark sets in super fast time.

Hey lovely, thanks for the high praise and recommendation! We're so glad you're happy with our product. xx

Works magic

This balm made lash lifting so much easier than using glue. I didnt have to remove any sticky glue, and it held the lashes perfectly.

Best cleanser ever!!

I have used other brands of cleansers and nothing has compared to this! A little goes a long way! I have used this along side hybrid dyes, stains and standard tints and all works amazing. It cleans the skin beautifully without taking away from the staining power of the tint or dye used. It's a more central cleanser and is super conditioning. Would highly recommend ❤️

Hey lovely, thanks so much that is a super stunning work of you! Perfect!! xx

Scrub adub 🩷

This a beautiful product. Only need to use a small amount to achieve the best results for your stain or dye! I use before every brow tint or stain! It's gritty but not too much. Leaves the skin feeling and looking fresh! Doesn't effect the after of the stain at all, it only improves it 🩷
Will not go without this product 🙏

Hey lovely, wow!! That is so georgeous. Love it! xx

That stain in stayin'

Such a beautiful product! A little goes a long way! I have switched many clients over to this product as the staying power and stain is incredible. The colours are great and mixing them is also an option!
Have also trialed it using it in an air brush application recently!! Can't wait to offer that as an application option soon 🩷

Highly recommended!!

These brow stains are so consistent and don't throw any undertones like some other hybrids I've used. I'm am so happy with my purchase and so are my clients!

12d pro made fans

Absolutely love these lashes I have been using them for 3 years now and are my ride or die! I’ve tried many other lashes but none compare to these! I’d you are wanting a thick dramatic lash these are perfect 💖💖

Super Bonder is the word!

I use this with everyone of my clients and their retention is amazing. One of the many great products I use from Lash V. I won't use anything else!

Hey Sally, Thank you for your feedback! We're thrilled that you and your clients are experiencing amazing retention with our Super Bonder. It's great to hear it's become an essential part of your routine along with our other products. We appreciate your loyalty! xx

Ultimate Lash Glue

I have heard many great things about this glue I just had to buy it!! This glue is so effective and fast drying. My clients retention is so so so much better than the last glue I was previously using. 10/10!

Hey Tiffany, Thank you for your feedback! We're delighted to hear that you've had such a positive experience with our Ultimate Lash Glue. It's fantastic that you find it effective and fast-drying, and that your clients are experiencing improved retention. We appreciate your support and trust in our product! xx

Loving the pointy 6D

These are to easy and nice to apply. They isolate beautifully. I have had continuous reviews on how long they last on clients and there not bulky in any form. Silky and soft. My favourite!!!

Hey lovely, Thank you for your fantastic feedback! We're delighted to hear that you love the pointy 6D lashes and find them easy to apply. It's great to know they isolate beautifully, last long on clients, and maintain a silky, soft texture without any bulkiness. We're thrilled they're your favorite! xx

I absolutely love these fans! Have not had one issue with them. 🩷

Hey lovely, super happy you love our fans and haven't encountered any issues with them! Have a lovely lash week! xx



love love love this set I use it on all my lash lifts and brow laminations and they turn out perfect every time !!!!

Hey lovely, Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Bundle! We're thrilled to hear that it consistently delivers perfect results for your lash lifts and brow laminations. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way. xx

Best results

Highly recommend this kit for lash lifts & brow lams, it's super easy to do and really gives the best results!

Hey Ronnie, Thank you for your glowing review! We're thrilled to hear that you highly recommend our kit for lash lifts and brow lamination. It's great to know you found it easy to use and that it delivers the best results! xx

Love these!!

I’m new to the lashing industry but these are by far my favourite promade fans!! LOVE LOVE Love! Highly recommend!!

Hey Arianna, Thank you for your enthusiastic review! We're thrilled to hear that our promade fans are your favorite, especially as you're new to the lashing industry. Your recommendation means a lot to us! xx

Super easy and stunning styles

I don't have time to go get my lashes done unfortunately, as a lash artist and mum - I feel like it's a must to have lashes.. who wants to go to a lash artist who doesn't even have their lashes done 🙄🤣 these clusters have been a life saver! They're super easy to put on, and look absolutely beautiful 😍 make sure you purchase the remover as well as they are super secure with the bond and seal! Highly recommend for those who don't have the time for a full set of lashes or just want to look pretty for a special occasion!

Hey Shay, sounds like you've found the perfect solution! As a busy lash artist and mom, convenience is key, and we're thrilled our clusters have been a lifesaver for you. Easy to apply and stunning styles—what more could you ask for? Thanks for recommending our products and for being part of our community!

Softest lashes!

After using another brand of lashes, and making the switch over to Lash V, I will never go back!! All lashes from Lash V are super high quality and so soft, they have made all my sets look beautiful and natural and feel amazing for my clients. Highly recommend 😍

Hi Shay,
It's fantastic to hear that you've made the switch to Lash V and are loving the difference! We're thrilled to know that our lashes have elevated the quality and comfort of your sets, making them beautiful and natural for your clients. Thank you for your recommendation and for choosing Lash V! xx

Best I've ever used!

I have tried over 4+ different pads for clients lashes and these have to be the BEST yet! 😍
For the first time doing my clients lashes I didn't have to use any tape for any stragglers popping out from under the gel pad, they're sticky and secure but not like tape where you need to be careful of ripping your clients bottom lashes out, these are so comfortable for my clients as well, I've had so many compliments on how comfortable they are! So happy with these hydrogel pads 🩷

Hey lovely,
It's awesome to hear that our hydrogel pads have been a game-changer for you and your clients! We're thrilled that they provide a secure yet comfortable experience, without the hassle of tape. Thank you for sharing your positive experience, and we're delighted that our pads have exceeded your expectations! xx

Best results!

Highly recommend this kit for lash lifts & brow lams, it's super easy to do and really gives the best results!

Hi Shay, we're thrilled to hear that you're loving our lash lift and brow lamination kit! It's fantastic to know that it's easy to use and delivers the best results. Thank you for recommending our kit, and we're delighted to be part of your beauty routine!


cannot recommend this lash serum enough! i’ve tried others and this is the best.
they stock this in BrowCo at my local shops so i don’t even have to order it online.
however it is so affordable and have made my lashes so long and full. unfortunately i don’t have a before photo but my lashes are SO LONG and FULL NOW.
when i wear mascara it looks like i have extensions.
i used to get extensions all the time 2 yrs ago and this is the one serum that has helped my lashes grow.
highly recommend <3

Easiest fans ever!

The best fans to use!
Amazing quality

Hey lovely, We're super happy to hear that you find our fans the easiest to use and of amazing quality! Making your lash work easier and more enjoyable is what we aim for. Thank you for your kind words and for choosing our products! xx

The best bond/seal ever

I was previously using another brand but decided to try out you guys amd am blown away and how much I love it! It drys down quick and lasts ages!(currently on day 10 and my lashes look the same as day 1) , where as the previous brand always felt tacky and didn’t last as long! I have recommended to my friends who use bond/seal lashes.