Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V
Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V
Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V
Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V
Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V
Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V
Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V
Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V
Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V
Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V

Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive.

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Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive. - LASH V

Evolution Super Fast Eyelash Adhesive.

Regular price $57.00
Sale price $57.00 Regular price
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Evolution Glue Adhesive – Finally a glue that can lash as fast as you!

Welcome to the next level of lash glues. Lash V has perfected this formula with lash artists and chemists in the UK, so it’s specifically formulated for Lash V promade Fans. Now offering a super fast 0.25 second dry time with a 6 week hold. So it's time to try and see why 'this glue locks like a magnet', allowing the fan to instantly stick to the natural lash, with no moving or sliding off during application! "Where you place it is where it will stay."

We're offering a 30 day money back guarantee* on Evolution as we know you will love it so much! So if your glue isn't drying super fast, we will review it and offer a money back once reviewed by our lash artists. See below for full details.

Plus as it's a lighter viscosity, you don't need to remove excess liquid, which means you can just dip and apply, so you can lash even faster!

5 Stars - "Love it!"

"This has increased my lash sets and my retention. It magnet-like locks to the natural lashes! Where you place it is where it will stay. My clients are loving it, I'm loving it. It's amazing to apply and I could not recommend it enough."
Elizabeth Introvigne -  Verified Lash Artist review

Please Note: We highly recommend Express delivery, to make sure the glue is not exposed to too much heat. No replacements will be offered if Parcel Post is used for delivery.

  • Colour: Black
  • Net Volume: 5ml
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Drying Time: 0.25 second
  • Retention period: 6+ weeks
  • Experienced required: High Skill
  • Ideal temperature: 16-24 degrees Celsius
  • Ideal Humidity: 55 %
  • Does not contain latex

Please note Bulk & Save purchases can't be bought with additional discounts. 


Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate, BHA, Black 2 (CI 77266).

Cautions (Must Complete Before Use):

• For Professional use only. External use only.
• Never work with your client’s eyes open.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin and seek immediate medical assistance in case of emergency.
• Must perform a patch test on the client before use
• Client must complete a consent form before use.
• Must read SDS before use. CLICK HERE to download the EVOLUTION glue SDS report, and keep in salon as required by WH&S.

Handling & Storage:

Precautions for safe handling

  1. Store in cool, dry place in tightly closed receptacles. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

  2. Ensure good ventilation/exhaustion at the workplace.
  3. There must be good air movement / ventilation at point of application. 
  4. There must be good ventilation and good air movement where the treatment is being performed.
  5. During treatment, ambient temp must be between 21C – 23C  (69.8-73.4 °F)
  6. Ideal humidity is 55%. If the humidity is too low the vapours will hang around longer. Especially if excess adhesive has been applied and is uncured in low humidity environment, vapours from the uncured adhesive will be attracted to moisture. Around the eyes, nose – mucous membranes. Some clients may be more susceptible to the vapours and have adverse reactions.


- Don’t remove excess glue as this glue is a lighter viscosity than regular glues. Just dip fan in glue and apply to natural lashes.
- Fast set adhesive – setting time 0.25 seconds.
- Before use, allow the bottle to stand at room temperature for around 30 minutes prior to treatment and shake the bottle for approximately 10-20 seconds before using.


Store upright at a room temperature range between 16-24 degrees Celsius (60.8-75.2 °F). Humidity between 40-70% - Ideal humidity 55%. Room temperature should be between 21-23 degrees Celsius (69.8-73.4 °F). If humidity is too high the eyelash adhesive will not cure correctly and shock polymerization will take place causing a weaker bond with the natural lash. If humidity is too low the curing time will be slower as there is not enough moisture to cure the eyelash adhesive and the client will have poor retention with the adhesive. Clean the nozzle every time before replacing lid. Replace and tighten lid to stop moisture or air getting in. Keep away from lash lift vapours and peroxide vapours in the working environment as these can affect the adhesive.

We guarantee to deliver products with at least 3 months usage time before expiry date. We would not offer replacements for items that are purchased and expired at after 3 months of purchase. 

Important Disclaimer

1- All of our adhesives products are to be used by trained professionals only.
2- We are not responsible for the misuse of our eyelash extensions adhesives.
3- You are solely responsible for the product once you 
4-Results will vary from person to person depending on 
your own level, environments, etc. Dry time 0.25 seconds.
5- Under no 
circumstance is the glue to be used on yourself.

*Please read terms and conditions on website. To claim the 30 day money back guarantee - please call Lash V first. Then send glue back to Lash V warehouse at customer cost within 30 days of receiving the glue. Once we receive the glue we will refund the glue cost only.

Hazard Statements:
1. H319 (Causes serious eye irritation) 2. H335 (May cause respiratory irritation) 3. H315 (Causes skin irritation)

CLICK HERE to download the EVOLUTION glue SDS report.

To maintain freshness and prevent any possible issue, we recommend using your Lash V Glue as soon as it arrives for you. All glues are delivered with minimum 3 months usage time before expiring, if kept within the recommended temperature and humidity. Check expiry dates to be safe.

How To Apply For Glue Money-back Guarantee:

Guarantee not available when delivering glue via parcel post.

To claim the 30 day money back guarantee:
1. Please call or email Lash V first on +61 439 371 341 or admin@lashv.com.au to discuss issues. 
2. Email or text admin@lashv.com.au videos of using the glue and how it is not sticking to the natural lash effectively. Please include in the same video - pouring glue, dipping fan, and application. Also include photo of room temperature and humidity reading.
3. Once video is reviewed and deemed not performing by our in house lash experts, please mail back glue bottle to warehouse (at customers cost). Refunds will only be issued for sticking issues only. Not retention issues.
4. Once glue is returned, we will refund you the glue cost only within 3 business days.

If you have any more questions, please reach out any time. We’re here to support you and the growth of your business.


Shipping cost is based on weight. Just add products to your cart and use the Shipping Calculator to see the shipping price.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of delivery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Candice Burchell
The new glue to up the lash game

Well, what can I say. Lash v have done it again. The glue for pros is here. I love love love it. It has up'd my lash game to what I was looking for. Ultra fast dry time, amazing retention. 👏 well done

Marisa Bain
Life Changing

Best glue i’ve ever used! Speeds up my timing, locks to the lash perfectly and has unreal retention. Do yourself to a favour and add TWO to your cart because you are going to always want to have one in your lash supplies!


THE BEST GLUE ON THE MARKET! I cannot stress this enough! Locks like a magnet 😻😻😻


I’ve always used lash v adhesive, since day one of lashing and have always had incredible retention. But this one is it. A complete game changer. Not only do I now lash faster with no stickies but the retention is also bomb. Highly recommend.

Game changer

This is definitely a game changer, best glue I have used so far starting off my lash journey. I definitely wouldn’t look back! 5 stars for sure ✨

all time favourite

This is my absolute favourite glue! So far I’ve had amazing retention, the glue works great with the humidity and temperature of my lash room. It doesn’t sting my clients eyes at all. Really reasonable price, especially compared to a lot of other glues on the market. This is the best quick drying adhesive I have tried by far and I have tried at least a dozen different ones. Obsessed!!

saskia mcgrath

super quick and efficient glue that has long lasting retention and stops sticky’s.
love it, has changed my lash times and transforming my business