Lash V is all about one thing. Taking your lash business to the next level! 
We are Australia's leading premium premade lash extensions supplier, offering our lash artist partners the highest quality premade volume fans and Promade volume fans at stunning value. Because we understand every lash business needs both to successfully grow.
We pride ourselves on having the strictest and highest quality standards in the world. This brings you the softest fans, thinnest bases, and darkest black lashes to help lash faster and keep your clients obsessed!
Want the latest lash technology? You've got it. Lash V is always first to change the game by bringing you the latest premade lash fans technology. So you can lash easier and offer your clients a wider range of options.
When shopping for eyelash wholesale products, great value is so important. With our famous Mega trays and Mega boxes we can offer the highest quality lashes at the lowest rates in the market. Because we are always thinking about increasing your revenue.
We have a style for every lash artists with 4 styles of premade volume fans: Promade fans, Loose Promade fans, Pro Point fans, Lux Short Stem fans and Long Stem fans. With our suite of premade fan options, you can find the exact style and range you need to lash next level with confidence. And backed with stunning value to help grow your business.
With a wide range of premade fans eyelash extensions accessories such as lash cleanser, eye gel pads and eyelash glue Lash V is the one-stop lash supplier lash artists can trust.
As lash artists ourselves, we understand what it takes to grow a successful lash business. We've helped thousands of lash businesses grow - so we think it's time to take your lash business to the next level. So let's get lashing!
Big Love,
Lash V - The Lash Volume Experts.