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Blog - Why you should break up with your lash BFF: Premade fans

by Brie Sinclair on Mar 03, 2022

Blog - Why you should break up with your lash BFF: Premade fans - LASH V

It’s a funny little industry being a lash artist. You spend what feels like forever feeling scared to even give lashing a go. Then you take a deep breath and dive in, scared and start lashing and then, finally, after blood sweat and a hell of a lot of tears (don’t ask for the photos), we find a premade fans that makes you feel like you could semi-possibly-maybe call yourself a lash artist. And then you hang and cling on to those specific brand of premade fans for dear life. Why? Because it’s the only thing that makes you feel safe that you can do a half decent lash set. Am I right lash lovers? I get it. We’ve all been there.

 But then things start to change, right? You get a little confidence, a couple of cheeky compliments and then your lash ego kicks into gear. So, thanks to your trusty premade fans by your side, you start your very own lash business dreaming of taking over the world and venture out. Sure it’s a scary lash place filled with uncertainty and scary clients who might not like what you do, but there is one thought that keeps you comfy and falling asleep at night; “I’ll always have my dear friend premade fans to make everything ok.”
Then, you get your first client coming back, and then it clicks. You have what it takes. You look down at your trusty premade fans and blow them a little thank you kiss. Because without your premade fans, who knows where you may have ended up? Retail clothing? OMG please no.

So here you are, your ever trusty premades fans by your side and a business that’s starting to take off. Things are going great. But, one night you turn over in bed and think to yourself; “I work like a workhorse, and there are only so many hours in a day. So am I really getting the best out of my salon, and my time? (ps don’t forget that relaxing bath and wine you promised yourself that you never took)”. So you toss and turn at night thinking of a better option. Maybe less time with the kids and more at the salon? Maybe cancel that girl’s lunch? It’s really hard. We get it. But I’m here today to tell you that there are some other options. And the only way through this is to be honest with yourself.

Yep. You’re going to have to break up with your BFF. Your premade fans.

Read that again. I’ll wait.
I’m sorry, but it’s going to take a big call to break up. But sometimes you just out grow some people, or some things. Including your premade fans. But when a window closes, a new window might just, well, open…. And I hate to say it. (block your lovely kind generous long friendship ears premade fans) but your rebound fans may just be better.
Pause for audience shock sound.

Yep, sorry premade fans, we do love you, but there is a new technology in town. And well, after all, this is business. And you gotta make bank.

Now the worst thing about this breakup, is your new lover’s name sounds almost identical to your ex lovers. Eeeeek! But oh how one single vowel can change the game. Lash lover, meet Promade. Promade, meet a very talented lash artist who is ready to take their lash business to the next level. (Sorry premade fans we still love you)

Yes, your new gorgeous new friend looks also like your ex premade fans but, well, it’s just the 2.0 version. (again, sorry premade fans -  I really really do love you). Ok, let’s rip this off like a band aid and just say it. Promade rocks and makes good old premade fans look well, old. Sorry, not sorry.

Promade fans are here to take your lash business to the next level, and there are two main ways they can do it. So let's get into it before I start drooling about how good this lash fan looks. Because this lash fan’s tinder profile looks exactly like it does in real life.

Let’s talk value. Well Promade fans (unlike premade fans) can come in loose 1000 fans. That creates stunning value. And when I hear Lash V are selling 1000 Promade fans for $29, you can’t really argue. Hey, I’m no cheap date, but I do love a bit extra in my purse at the end of each lash set, am I right?

Now let’s talk quality. Ok, this is where Promade fans really have it going on down there. Yep, their fan bases are super ultra thin. Doesn’t seem like much. But let me tell you, when they’re blended with Platinum silk like Lash V Promade fans, then you have one beautifully soft fan. And a soft fan is a durable fan. And a durable fan is a fan that can withstand even my night out clubbing with the ladies. Now if it can withstand that, it can withstand your clients 3 weeks of running around. So this means you are going to get even better retention. (Ps anyone see that post last week of 6 weeks retention?) So seeing they aren’t heavy and clumpy like some premade fans (Sorry, I really am sorry premade fans – we still love you) they don’t pop off the natural lash when you flutter at that someone special. Promade fans are super light, super durable, and will keep the clients happy about their retention (but most of all they’ll just think you’re a lash boss)

So with those two thoughts alone, it makes for a very very awkward day ahead at the salon for you. Yep, there you are, now most likely staring down at your premade fans, possibly even resenting them that Lash V Promade fans are our there helping over 16,000 lash artists and you’re here with…. those fans.

Ok, so we don’t feel too guilty, please go easy on those poor old premade fans. They had their time. And hey, they still make a mean lash set, so let’s look at them as a style for a time that helped you get into the business. But that’s just it, it is business, and you need to make sure your lash business is upgrading to the next level. If you don’t, someone else will. So, take a breath, take a moment, say thank you to those stunning, beautiful premade fans sitting by you. Empathetically, and calmly break up with them.

Have a cry.

Pour a wine.

Then cheer up by opening a mega box of Lash V Promade fans and enjoy that smile wipe across your face as you look at those stunning thin bases and extra dark fans.
And then just sit back, enjoy the extra dollars rolling in as you save more, and most of all – enjoy those extra compliments rolling in from your brand new silk blended Promade fans.

Premade fans. Thank you, really, from the bottom of our heart. You were there for us when we needed you. But it’s time to go our separate ways. But I’m here to take over the lash world, and my new trusty Promade fans are going to help me sleep well at night.