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5 Reasons why Pro-Point Narrow Fans will allow you to expand your clientele

by Sarah Lash V Academy on May 23, 2023

5 Reasons why Pro-Point Narrow Fans will allow you to expand your clientele - LASH V

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Let’s face it lash lovers, the search for new customers never stops. And let’s be honest the eyelash industry is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial. 😘

LASH V have now created a remarkable game changer: PRO-POINT NARROW FANS – ready to elevate your lash sets to experience new heights. Specifically designed to help you create a dense dark set, opening you up to a wave of new customers who are looking for that trending fuller lash look.

So lets delve into why our PRO-POINT lashing range will change your lash game forever!

  1. Fuller look lashes: Our Pro-Point lashing range is designed to give you a pointy base and a narrow fan. This will give you allow you to offer that dense, fuller look lash! The pointy base blends seamlessly with the natural lashes, giving you that super dark lash line that we all love. They are the secret to a beautifully dense and dark set! Pro Point fans offer lash artists the opportunity to create exquisite volume and definition effortlessly. They create a multi-dimensional effect, giving the illusion of a naturally dense lash line. Whether clients desire a subtle enhancement or a bold, dramatic look, Pro Point fans provide the versatility to achieve a range of styles.

  2. Featherweight comfort: Allow your clients to experience weightless lash sets! Our Pro-Point Narrow Fans lashing range provide exceptional comfort and although you can achieve a super dense full set, this will never compromise your clients comfort! Our fans feel super light on the eye and incredibly natural, the fine delicate lash fibers do not weigh down the clients lids, or cause discomfort.

  3. Extended retention: Our Pro Point Narrow Fans lashing range super snatched base provides a longer lasting bond between the extension and the natural lash. This will allow better grip so your clients can enjoy there look for longer, reducing the need for frequent touch ups and enhancing overall convenience for both client and lash artist!

  4. Gentle on natural lashes: Maintaining the health of clients natural lashes is the ultimate priority in lashing! Narrow lash fans are an excellent choice for preserving the natural lash's health due to their lightweight and delicate structure. The finer lash fibers reduce the risk of damage and breakage, as they exert minimal stress on the natural lashes. Healthy lashed are happy lashes! This will allow clients to get the most out of each and every lash set.

  5. Extra profit per tray: We are now bringing you MORE lashes per tray! This will allow you to increase profit on every client. What every lash boss wants to hear!

So with all this in mind lash lovers, here are five reasons why Pro Point Narrow Fans will allow you  to expand your lash clientele. From precise customisation for dense, fuller look lashes, to enhanced comfort, improved retention, and allowing you to increase profit on every lash set, the benefits they offer are exceptional.

So next time you’re asked for that dark dense look, we got you! Pro Points have you covered.