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What's the best lash adhesive for me? Here's the answer!

by Sarah Lash V Academy on Jun 01, 2023

What's the best lash adhesive for me? Here's the answer! - LASH V

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Hey lash lovers, here's your ultimate guide for choosing the best glue that fits your lashing style! We get it, with so many adhesives on the market, finding your best match can be intimidating...

No matter if you are a beginner, an expert or anything in between, don't worry, we have the perfect glue for you. And which ever is best suited for you, it will allow you to create stunning sets every time, keeping your clients coming back for more!

Be prepared to find your perfect match that ticks all your boxes!

NEXT GEN LASH ADHESIVE (BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE) - For beginners, we recommend opting for an adhesive with a slower drying time. The shorter drying time gives you more control over positioning each lash extension, and to get perfect base attachment to the natural lash. Proper base attachment is essential for a uniform set and to make sure your set lasts. Manufactured and made in chemists in the UK to work best with our lashes. The perfect recipe! Next Gen Lash Adhesive has a light viscosity, meaning there is no need to wipe off any access which is very beneficial for our beginners, reducing stickies! Next Gen Lash Adhesive also works at a good range of temperature which is perfect for beginners getting used to the perfecting their lashing environment.

MAXIMA HOLD LASH ADHESIVE (BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE) – with a slightly faster drying time than Next Gen, our Maxima Hold Lash Adhesive dries between 0.5 – 1.0 seconds. Maxima has a medium consistency which gives you that perfect pin of glue on the base, designed to give you maximum retention. Its viscosity allows for better adherence to both the natural lash and the extension, creating a strong bond. Maxima works well in a huge range of humidity and therefore is perfect for lash artists perfecting their lashing environment.

TRIPLE THREAT (INTERMEDIATE / EXPERT) – Time to level up! Triple Threat Lash Adhesive has a drying time of 0.5 seconds which is perfect for the intermediate expert. Triple Threat Lash Adhesive is our ultimate all rounder – working best in a range of temperature and humidity, allowing super speedy lash application and holds the lowest fumes, meaning ultimate client comfort! If your clients tend to be sensitive to lash glue, then this is the one for you!

EVOLUTION (EXPERT) -  A glue that keeps up with you!!! For our expert artists, Evolution Lash Adhesive has an impressive 0.25 second drying time which will have you lashing at the speed of light!!! Get ready to lash your fastest yet, servicing more clients and increasing revenue. Evolution's super thin consistency requires no wiping off excess, reduces stickies, and gives you that magnet like lock!!! Evolution Lash Adhesive has been perfectly formulated in the UK and specifically made to pair with our lash fans, allowing all our customers to indulge in the perfect pair!!!

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It's super important to us that all our lash artists have the perfect tools to perfect their lash game. Whatever your lash speed, conditions, or client needs, we have a glue to suit everybody and have your clients coming back for more. So now, happy lashing!

Ps. If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us at LASH V headquarters so we can help find the perfect glue for you!