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3 things I wish I knew about lash lifts

by Sarah Lash V Academy on Jun 09, 2023

3 things I wish I knew about lash lifts - LASH V

lash lift tip things i wish i knew

To all of our lash lift lover, this blog is for you! As lash lift enthusiasts, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our techniques and achieve exceptional results. In this blog we will uncover three secrets that I wish I had known earlier, as they can significantly enhance the lash lift process and leave you with insane results!

  1. The use of LAMI LIFT BALM: One of the game changers I wish I has discovered earlier is the magic of a lash lift balm. ENTER LAMI LIFT BALM! This innovative product significantly cuts down time on placement, lifting the lash and locking the lashes and brows in seconds! Our LAMI LIFT BALM has a super smoothing texture which is a lot more forgiving than other adhesives, this allows easy manipulation of the hairs and precise placement on the shield. The formula is super moisturising and so leaves you with healthy soft results! We love to pair our LAMI LIFT BALM with our silicone brush, which allows accurate and precise application. These two products have certainly changed the lash game! Incorporating a lash lift balm into your routine will not only streamline the process but also contribute to more consistent and stunning results.

  1. The Importance of Massaging Sachets: Did you know that massaging the sachets containing the lifting solution can make a significant difference in the outcome of your lash lift? It's a secret that many lash lift enthusiasts wish they had known earlier. Massaging the sachets before use helps activate and distribute the solution evenly, ensuring optimal results. Gently kneading the sachets before opening them promotes thorough mixing of the ingredients and activates any potential settling that may have occurred. This simple step allows the solution to work more effectively, ensuring consistent and long-lasting curl and lift for the lashes.
  1. Applying solution close to the lash line: When it comes to achieving the ultimate lash lift, proper application of the lifting solution is key. Applying the solution as close to the lash line as possible is a crucial technique. This method ensures that the lashes are lifted from the root, creating a natural and stunning result. This is a common error that leaves lash artists with lashes than seem to have not taken to the treatment.

By precisely placing the lifting solution at the lash line, you maximize the lift and curl from the root of the lashes, providing a more dramatic and long-lasting effect. Take your time and use a fine brush or applicator to carefully apply the solution, ensuring every lash is coated evenly. You then want to take the solution up to the thickest part of the shield, usually about 50% up. Staying away from the tips, and getting super close to that water line without touching it.

By incorporating these three secrets into your lash lift routine, you can take your skills to the next level and achieve the ultimate lash lift experience.

Using a lash lift balm streamlines the process, massaging the sachets activates the solution, and applying the solution close to the lash line ensures maximum lift from the root. By embracing these tips, you'll be well on your way to stunning and long-lasting lash lift results. So, go ahead and elevate your lash lift game, armed with the knowledge you wish you had known earlier!

By incorporating these three secrets into your lash lift routine, you can take your skills to the next level and achieve the ultimate lash lift experience.