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LASH HYGIENE 101 – Educating Your Clients On Proper Lash Care

by Sarah Lash V Academy on Jun 15, 2023

LASH HYGIENE 101 – Educating Your Clients On Proper Lash Care - LASH V

Being in the lash industry for many years, we understand the artistry and effort that goes into creating flawless lash extensions. However, there's one common frustration that we've all experienced: clients returning for infills with dirty lashes. It's a situation that can leave us teary eyed. But fear not, by educating your clients on the importance of lash washing, we can work together to ensure clean and healthy lashes and great retention!

We've all encountered clients who arrive for their infill appointments with lashes that are less than desirable. Dirty lashes can be a headache for lash artists, as they require additional cleaning and can impact the overall quality of the infill. But instead of dwelling on the frustration, let's focus on the solution: educating our clients on the importance of lash washing with these simple four quick steps, which will help save time on your next appointments.

  1. Set Clear Expectations: During the initial consultation or when scheduling an infill appointment, remind your clients to arrive with clean lashes. Communicate that lash washing is an essential step in maintaining lash health and ensuring a successful infill session.

  2. Educate and Empower: Emphasise to your clients that daily lash hygiene is crucial for maintaining healthy lashes. Throughout the day, our lashes collect dirt, debris, oils, and even residual makeup. Without regular washing, these substances can accumulate on the lashes, potentially leading to infections, irritations, or even lash mites. By washing their lashes every day clients can keep their lash line clean, minimizing the risk of any adverse effects. This will maintain healthy lashes and improve retention.

  3. Recommend the Right Products: ENTER LASH V CLEANSING KITS. Stocking Lash V Cleansing Kits are essential. The formula effectively removes dirt and oil without damaging the lashes or lash extensions. Educate your clients on the importance of choosing the right products. Not only are they the perfect upsell, this will make sure all clients are returning with squeaky clean lashes.

  4. Demonstrate Proper Technique: Show your clients how to wash their lashes correctly. Instruct them to apply a small amount of cleanser to a lint-free applicator or a cleansing brush specifically designed for lash extensions. Teach them to gently brush through the lashes, focusing on the lash line, and rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  5. Emphasize Drying Techniques: Advise your clients to gently pat their lashes dry with a clean, lint-free towel. Using our LASH V MINIΒ FAN is the easiest way to dry lashes quickly and effectively leaving the lashes fluffy and fabulous. Discourage any rubbing or pulling motions that could damage the lashes or cause premature shedding.


When setting clear expectations, educating your clients, recommending the right products, demonstrating proper technique, and encouraging proper lash care, you can now say goodbye to those lash fill appointments that bring you dread. Explaining the importance of proper lash aftercare is absolutely essential in getting great long lasting results. Your clients will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to maintain their lashes between appointments. With consistent and proper lash care, we can bid farewell to the dreaded "Urgh!" moments and welcome beautifully clean and stunning lashes into our studios, leaving you more time to fit in extra clients.