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Master the 5 Judging Criteria to Win BIG at the Lash Pro Championships 2023!

by Sarah Lash V Academy on Aug 02, 2023

Master the 5 Judging Criteria to Win BIG at the Lash Pro Championships 2023! - LASH V

It's FINAL CALL! Last chance to dazzle the world with your lash mastery at the Lash Pro Championships! ⏳ Don't miss the final days to enter and secure your spot among the finest lash artists.

Before you submit your photos of your jaw-dropping lash set, make sure to focus on these 5 crucial judging criteria. Nail them, and you could be crowned the world's best lash artist!

Judging Criteria - The Path to Triumph

At the Lash Pro Championships 2023, every aspect of your lash artistry will be seen by our esteemed panel of judges. To triumph over the competition, you must excel in the following critical categories:

1. Lash Direction Perfection: Create a natural and graceful flow that accentuates the beauty of the eyes.

2. Even Distance Between Fan Tips: Exhibit your precision in creating lash fans with uniform and perfectly spaced tips.

3. Coverage: Impress the judges with your ability to achieve full and voluminous lash coverage for a breathtaking look.

4. Symmetry: Showcase your eye for balance and symmetry, creating harmonious lash sets that enhance your client's features.

5. Overall Look Brilliance: Unleash your creativity and make your lash set an unforgettable masterpiece.

Remember, this is your chance to make history, elevate your lash career, and be recognised among the best in the industry. Enter now and let your lashes mesmerise the world!

FINAL CALL! The Countdown Begins

Entries for the Lash Pro Championships 2023 close on the 7th of August 2023 at 11:55 PM. Ensure your spot in this epic competition by submitting your entry before the deadline. CLICK HERE AND ENTER NOW!

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The Thrilling Finale - Save the date

On the 9th of August 2023, we will announce the 8 exceptional finalists who will advance to the ultimate showdown. The live final will take place on the 27th of August 2023 at the esteemed Beauty Expo Australia in Sydney. The winner will bask in the glory of their triumph, claiming the prestigious title and the dazzling prize of $5,000*!

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Enter the Lash Pro Championships 2023 Today

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Ignite your lash journey, amaze the world, and be a part of lash history!


Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the official website for full details and updates. Let your lash artistry prowess soar and make 2023 the year you seize greatness!