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Secrets to Success – The upsell that will skyrocket your salons profit.

by Sarah Lash V Academy on Oct 06, 2023

Secrets to Success – The upsell that will skyrocket your salons profit. - LASH V

Secrets to Success – The upsell that will skyrocket your salons profit.

Let me paint a picture for you, you’ve just started upselling Lash V cleansing kits to your clients, your lash business is thriving, your profits are rising, and your clients are obsessing over their long-lasting lashes. Everyone’s winning.

This dream is not far out of reach. If you are a lash artist let’s get ready to turn your dreams into reality with our easy to sell LASH V Cleansing Kits, ready to boost your profits to new heights. And how to do this? It really is this simple!

The LASH V cleansing kits are specially designed for your clients to maintain healthy fluffy lashes, improving lash longevity, and ensuring they look picture perfect for weeks on end. Lash V cleaning kits are available in bundles of 5x, 10x and 20x with huge discounts applied with up to 58% off.

When bulk buying 20x lash cleansing kits each kit is priced at just $12.58. And here is how the magic happens hunny, you then resell our Lash cleansing kits to your clients after each service at recommended retail price of $29.95. A simple upsell that is boosting your profits by $359 every 20 services. No brainer, right?

Not only is your business and income flourishing, but ultimately happy clients are also loyal clients. And Lash V cleaning kits offer a solution to a common problem. Daily lash cleansing is essential for maintaining long lasting results, and your clients will for sure appreciate your dedication to their lash health. Plus, essentially this cuts down your lash service time with having a clean canvas to work off.

Now let’s talk about reputation. A good reputation is so important in building trust and a reputable name for your brand. Providing proper lash aftercare advise and premium products you will begin to grow your customer base organically. At the end of the day, all customers want a business they can trust and feel truly cares. 

So, there we have it, the simplest of upsells helping boost your monthly profits and allowing you to provide exceptional care and service to your clients. Premium aftercare will have a huge impact on your business enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty. It’s a win win. Don’t miss out on such a simple trick to grow your business today, start investing in your brand and start offering Lash V Cleansing Kits today! Click here to check them out