Cashmere Soft Flat Lashes - 0.15 - C Curl - LASH V
Cashmere Soft Flat Lashes - 0.15 - C Curl - LASH V
Cashmere Soft Flat Lashes - 0.15 - C Curl - LASH V
Cashmere Soft Flat Lashes - 0.15 - C Curl - LASH V
Cashmere Soft Flat Lashes - 0.15 - C Curl - LASH V

Cashmere Soft Flat Lashes - 0.15 - C Curl

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Product description

If you’re wanting a bold, striking lash look, get ready to meet your secret weapon. Lash V Cashmere Soft & Flat Lashes are about to take your lashing to the next level! These lashes are softer than cashmere to touch, offering beautiful soft dark singles lashes, that sit perfectly flat to increase retention.

With an ultra flat lash base, it serves for better balance. Making sure every lash you place sits perfectly and enhances your look. This means less mistakes, and less risk of any lashes not sitting perfectly and ruining your stunning lash set. And best of all, the flat base combined with being super light weight, it increases durability which increases retention offering your clients that fluffy look for longer. Especially if you’re using 16mm. Plus the ends are split to give your clients a more natural and stunning look.

Get ready to add that extra flare to your lash sets, without the risk them not sitting properly. Yes, these stunning lashes feel as soft as cashmere, and will have your clients asking how on earth you do it! So sit back and enjoy the compliments as your clients fall in love with your bold dramatic lash sets.

  • Available in huge range of sizes 7mm to 16mm
  • Increases retention: Wider flat bases hug the customers eyelash perfectly.
  • Soft and beautifully dark lashes that have a luxurious feel for your clients.
  • Easy and faster application with the clever flat base.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Faux Cashmere, for a super soft feel to touch.
  • These are used for single lash application only. 
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    Saranya Th

    Cashmere Soft Flat Lashes - 0.15 - C Curl

    Shawnrelle Depaloma


    Ah thank you so much for such a kind review!!!

    You are such a sweetie!

    Much Love

    Korina Brennan
    Super soft!!!!!!!

    Absolutely amazing lashes and the feel is phenomenal.
    Couldn't recommend a more natural feeling lash.

    Phoebe MacNeill
    Cashmere soft flat

    Love!!! And my clients love too! So easy to use, such nice material. Thanks lash v. Always a please doing business with you xo

    Salee Anderson
    Lash V

    Love the lashes, great quality and easy to work with. My clients and I are in love. As I am a new beginner lash tech (ig @lashedbysal_), using this lash brand is the best decision I’ve made. Leaves my clients happy and coming back