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Miss Wispy Cluster Lashes - Remover .

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Product description

Miss Wispy Remover


The Miss Wispy Remover is the only product you need when you are ready to remove your Miss Wispy Cluster Lashes. The Remover dissolves the Bond and ensures a healthy removal. Using this remover ensures there is no damage or harm to the natural lashes when the Miss Wispy Cluster Lashes are being removed.


  1. To remove the Miss Wispy Cluster Lashes, apply a generous amount of Miss Wispy Remover to your lashes. You must always use our Miss Wispy Remover ONLY, using a different product may damage your eyes and lashes.
  2. Using a cotton pad gently massage the remover into the Cluster Lashes to allow them to glide off the natural lashes.
  3. Remove any final residue with a cotton pad.
  4. Repeat steps if necessary.


Patch Test

Our Miss Wispy Bond, Sealant and Remover are all hypoallergenic. However, we recommend carrying out a patch test 24 hours before using. Do not continue use if you experience any reactions, discomfort or sensitivity.



Up to 45-55 uses

Remover: 5ml 


Miss Wispy Remover must always be used to remove Miss Wispy Bond and Sealant to protect your eyes and prevent any damage to the lashes and keep natural lashes healthy and safe.



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Perfect Product

I cant believe how easily my Miss Wispy Lashes removed with this remover! It completely dissolved the bonder in no time. Super easy and had no damage to my own natural lashes they looked perfect after removal.

Ah thank you so much for such a kind review. You are such a sweetie! We are so happy you love our products as much as we do. Again, thanks so much for your support and being such an amazing passionate artist. It’s always a pleasure to work with you. Reach out if you have any other questions. We're always here to chat and help any time!

Much Love
Lash V xx